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Medical Equipment & Supplies

University: Leeds

Company Stage: Quoted


Tissue Regenix

There is already a clinical need for increased availability of donor tissue for many surgical procedures. Tissue Regenix Ltd will leverage innovative tissue engineering platform technologies to develop and commercialise acellular tissue matrices to meet these needs to ultimately benefit the patient.

The Tissue Regenix matrices demonstrate excellent biocompatibility, immunocompatibility, resistance to calcification, rapid and successful regeneration in vivo and possess the same biomechanical properties as native tissue. The company is initially concentrating on developing a portfolio of products to address various clinical needs in the cardiovascular and orthopaedic market segments, to be delivered to patients in the clinic within 2-5 years.

As at 30 June 2014

IP Group holding

IP Venture Fund* holding



*IP Group has a 10%
economic interest in IP
Venture Fund

Holdings represent undiluted beneficial equity interest excluding debt

Tissue Regenix

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