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Medical Equipment & Supplies

University: Oxford

Company Stage: Private (post-seed)


Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd is developing the GridION system, a new generation of technology that uses nanopores – very small holes created in electrically resistant membranes – for the direct, electronic analysis of single molecules including DNA, RNA, proteins and other molecules. GridION has broad applications including scientific research, personalised medicine, crop science and security/defence.

For the Company's lead application of DNA sequencing, nanopores are used to identify DNA bases that pass through the nanopore; each base creates a characteristic disruption in a current that is passed through the pore. This process is scaled up for industrial usage by means of an arrayed sensor chip fabricated from standard semiconductor materials. Oxford Nanopore is also developing a novel technique for the analysis of proteins, with potential applications across the spectrum of discovery to use in diagnostics.

The GridION system is designed to translate the key property of nanopore sensing (real-time, electronic analyses of single molecules) into an intelligent system with a new range of scientific and workflow benefits for potential customers. Nanopores allow real-time experimental analyses, and so instead of delivering a bolus of data the GridION system can be Run Until... the user's biological question is answered. Based on standard semiconductor technology, the GridION system is networked and highly scalable for use by any user from individual researchers to large installations.

With a broad patent portfolio, Oxford Nanopore's pipeline includes biological nanopores and solid-state nanopores for further improvements in speed and cost.

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