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Pharma & Biotech

University: Bath

Company Stage: Private (post-seed)


Glythera Limited is a biotechnology company specialising in the development of next generation biotherapeutics through the application of its advanced proprietary linker and stable glycan technologies, PermaLink™ and PermaCarb™.

Based in the North East of the UK, its capabilities extend beyond the development of its proprietary technologies. From its dedicated bioprocessing and chemistry laboratories, Glythera works closely with its partners to progress applications of the PermaLink™ and PermaCarb™ technologies.

Its core technologies allow the selective and stable functionalization and glycosylation of biopharmaceuticals for improved stability, bioavailability and efficacy in oncology and therapeutics applications: 

Permalink™ is a linker chemistry platform that supports highly selective, cysteine targeted conjugation. Targeted addition and improved stability mean that PermaLink™ offers significant advantages over existing linker chemistries commonly associated with the development of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC). The PermaLink™ platform has also been used in the exemplification of PEGylated products and conjugate vaccines.

PermaCarb™ technology is an enabling discovery platform which uses stable glycan analogues to improve product performance and biobetter development. PermaCarb™ has been demonstrated in a range of biotherapeutics and has a broad application in drug development including next generation biologics. 

Glythera's capabilities
Glythera's enabling technologies for therapeutic development have been designed with ease of scale-up in mind at every stage of development. The company has a wealth of experience developing processes that are compliant and fit for transfer to a manufacturing environment. Glythera works closely with a number of partners to further develop exciting applications of the technologies.

As at 30 June 2014

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