IP Group is a leading UK intellectual property ("IP") commercialisation company, developing technology innovations primarily from its research intensive partner universities. The Group offers more than traditional venture capital, providing its companies with access to business building expertise, networks, recruitment and business support.

The Company's portfolio comprises holdings in over 70 companies including Oxford Nanopore Technologies, the DNA sequencing development company, Revolymer, best known for its removable chewing gum and Xeros, which has received many accolades for its revolutionary clothes washing techniques with a much reduced requirement for water.

The portfolio includes early stage to mature businesses and has exposure to five main sectors – Energy & Renewables, Healthcare, Biotech, IT & Communications and Chemicals & Materials.

“IP Group provided seed funding for Oxford Nanopore in 2005 and we have enjoyed a productive relationship with them since that time. Particularly in the early stages when we had a smaller team, they helped us to execute fund raisings both from being networked with great investors and on the transactional support side. IPG have continued to support the company from a higher risk start-up profile to one with 100 scientists and approaching the market.”

Dr Gordon Sanghera
Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd