Retroscreen Virology Group plc

 IP Exec was given the brief to identify an entrepreneurial business leader to grow Retroscreen’s clinical trials and experimental challenge studies business as well as establish the processes and systems required to support a successful and rapidly developing company.

Kym Denny had built and sold a successful services business, selling into the pharmaceutical development industry, in the US and was interested in repeating her success in Europe. Appointed in July 2009, Kym was subsequently promoted to the role of Group Chief Executive in December 2010.

Kym’s elevation to the role of Group Chief Executive was followed by an injection of cash from existing and new investors and the re-location of the business to a purpose-built, state of the art, isolation facility in central London during January 2011.

The financial plan to support the business going forward was developed by Graham Yeatman, the newly appointed Chief Financial Officer, also identified by IP Exec.

“A business is only as good as its leadership team, and IP Group understands this. They have a great in-house recruiter who, via extensive networking, helped us to fill key senior management positions as we grew. This is an important and often unsung part of IP Group’s support for young businesses: the recruiter invests the time to understand you and your business and what sort of people professionally and culturally would benefit and fit into your business.”

- Kym Denny, CEO, Retroscreen Virology Group plc

Ilika plc

Ilika plc Ilika invents, tests and selects materials in the laboratory that can be scaled up for everyday commercial use. The company’s unique process is far quicker and more efficient than traditional materials discovery processes and offers a platform for commercialisation across multiple markets.

In order to develop a robust commercialisation strategy, Ilika’s Chairman and Chief Executive have appointed non-executive directors with a detailed understanding of specific industrial sectors. IP Exec has worked closely with the company’s leadership team to identify and attract effective non-executives who are able to provide strategic insight and senior level contacts in potential strategic corporate partners.

“Since 2006 IP Exec has supported Ilika in identifying and attracting high profile non-executive directors to its board. IP Exec’s unrivalled appreciation of the needs of early-stage technology businesses has resulted in an extremely successful partnership.”

- Graeme Purdy, CEO, Ilika plc

Xeros Technology Group plc

 Xeros is a new company focused on the development of "virtually waterless" laundry cleaning. Harnessing over 30 years of research by Professor Stephen Burkinshaw and the University of Leeds, Xeros is the brand name for a patented polymer based cleaning that creates step change advantage in the cost and environmental impact of aqueous wash cleaning.

“IP Exec have worked with me to build the Xeros organisation from the start, beginning by inspiring me to join, through to chairman recruitment and beyond. They helped form the vision of how our organisation would grow, then delivered that vision with an intuitive understanding of the type of people who will thrive in, and enjoy, early-stage businesses. This is not obvious stuff and seems a blind spot for regular recruitment consultants used to supporting more mature businesses.”

- Bill Westwater, CEO, Xeros Technology Group plc

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