IP Group has developed its own proprietary methodology for systematically commercialising intellectual property and technology. The methodology consists of three core components – deal flow, business building and capital.

Our model has enabled us to build a portfolio of around 90 companies that have been created based on research from our partner universities or, in certain cases, from select sources outside these partnership agreements.

Deal flow

IP Group pioneered the concept of the exclusive long-term partnership model with UK universities and now has arrangements covering twelve of the UK’s leading universities, including those under its commercialisation agreement with Fusion IP plc. The Group’s specialist in-house sourcing team works with our partners to identify promising research and to create and build businesses around this research. IP Group utilises its proprietary hypotheses based methodologies to assess new opportunities and decide which to progress. These techniques are also used to monitor progress and shape the evolving strategy.

Business building

During the early stages of an opportunity’s development, members of the Group’s team work closely with its founders to shape its strategic direction and frequently take an interim commercial management role until the business reaches a sufficient stage of maturity, and has the resources, to widen the leadership team.

IP Group uses its specialist early-stage in-house executive search consultancy, IP Exec, to recruit experienced and high calibre individuals to lead its developing businesses alongside founders and IP Group team members, who continue to provide strategic guidance in a non-executive capacity. The Group has initiated two innovative programmes to accelerate company growth, working with CEOs and company boards to improve performance.

The Group also provides operational, legal and business support, including company secretarial, to its companies with a view to minimising the most common administrative factors that can contribute to early stage company failure.

IP Group has an experienced management team with extensive contacts in industry, government, academia and finance together with strong in-house expertise in life and physical sciences and in building high growth businesses.

IP Group’s extensive expertise in systematically identifying and commercialising intellectual property combined with its inside knowledge of both industry and finance have enabled the Group to create a formidable track record of consistently delivering excellent results for all of its stakeholders.


IP Group provides capital to its portfolio companies from its own balance sheet but also manages a number of venture capital funds including IP Venture Fund, IP Venture Fund II and the North East Technology Fund which, subject to investment guidelines, can provide further additional sources of capital. In addition, the Group works with a wide network of co-investors that can provide further capital alongside the Group.

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“IP Group has a strong sense of commitment to the business in which they invest, positioning themselves as partners in your company and are in it ‘for the long run.’ IPG made their first investment in RVL in 2006 when the company was first spun out of QM. They have stood shoulder to shoulder with us as we grew and matured, offering both financial and professional support at each stage of the company’s development. IP Group take the time to understand you and your business and very much work with you as a member of the team. I have also been deeply impressed by the fairness they have exhibited in their financial dealings…fairness is not a concept normally associated with venture capitalists.”

Kym Denny
Retroscreen Virology Group plc